Macho Case Study

"Take the brand to the next level in terms of imagery and perception and establish its position as the leader in the category"


Amul Macho wanted to shift tagline from "Yeh to bada toing hai" to "Bade Aaram Se". So it was necessary to Position brand in Urban Markets by placing few strategic sites and placing one site at all Talukas of Maharashtra

  • Segment :Hosiery
  • Client :Macho
  • Duration :21st Aug, 2017
  • Presence :All Over Maharashtra.
  • Rating :


Identifying cost effective 4-5 strategic sites which will cover whole of the city, for 31 District HQ cities and discover one unit per taluka after extensive site visit along with Amul Macho sales person in the limited time was a task. Marquis, with its distributed resident team in different parts of the state, insured timely identification and blocking of sites. Flex printed at district level saved time for further execution. 353 Sites were up in mere 4 days after the approval from client.


Flawless execution in every department in quick time.


Campaign was all over on the minds of almost every commuter in Maharashtra and had a massive impact.
Anyone who loves or pursues or desires.

0.24% CTR

Except to obtain advantage from it.

15% less CPA

That produces no resultant more pleasure.

290% ROI

Everyone has the Keys, but Marquis exactly knows how to use it.

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